Behind the scenes

Shawn Kulla has nearly 10 years of experience in working with companies to research and implement the right software applications for their needs. He currently works at a local college as an eLearning Specialist and Media Developer all the while running Floating Cubicle and Frozen Canvas Studios, where he uses his graphic design skills to create attention-getting websites and marketing materials. Based in Watertown, South Dakota, Shawn has made a name for himself by helping individuals around the world become location-independent through the use of specialized applications.

This is what we do

  • Research
  • Play
  • Teach
  • Find the best software to set you free

This is why we do it

Ever since my family got its first computer I have been fascinated with the software that made it run.

Today isn't much different. There are more platforms and the software does so much more, making it even more exciting.

Shawn Kulla

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